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Many people experience some form of anxiety at the dentist’s office. This sometimes arises from past trauma or pain. Some people don’t like the physical proximity associated with getting work done on the mouth. And some just don’t like the sights and sounds of the tools we use. Those in the latter category might be pleased to know that at Island Dental, we use laser dentistry to replace traditional instruments in some cases.

Laser dentistry is changing the face of dental care in the 21st century. You might associate lasers with secret agents strapped to tables and science fiction shootouts, and the reality is almost as incredible. Lasers are now used for all kinds of treatments, ranging from whitening to removing tooth decay. Dr. Naman B. Patel uses laser technology in gum surgery and scaling and root planing. This helps him provide patients the most comfortable experience possible.

The process involves intensely-projected light energy that acts as a cutting instrument. But laser dentistry is not only a precise surgical tool. It can cause less pain than normal techniques and keep bleeding and swelling to a minimum. It is also less invasive, and can preserve more healthy tissue during an operation. It sanitizes the area receiving treatment, working against infection and promoting healing. It even has the effect of reducing stress and anxiety in many patients.

Laser dentistry really is a powerful tool that provides patients with an all-around improved experience. If you would like to learn more about our laser dentistry techniques at Island Dental, please call our Gilbert, AZ, office today.