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Are you embarrassed or ashamed by your yellowing teeth every time you separate your lips to smile, talk, and eat? Well, Dr. Naman B. Patel is here to offer teeth whitening in Gilbert, Arizona, to bring your pearly whites back to the surface and add shine to your smile!

At Island Dental, our teeth whitening products include Zoom!® whitening and take-home whitening trays. If you are interested in brightening your smile with Zoom!® whitening, the process will only take about an hour to complete and will begin with your dentist covering your lips and gums to protect them from the whitening solution. Next, he will apply the whitening gel onto your teeth. Once the gel is applied, a special light will be used to activate the solution and break up the stains and discoloration that covers your teeth. You will go through three 15-minute sessions that will give you the whiter smile you want!

If you are interested in using our take-home products to improve the appearance of your smile, we invite you to come into our practice today. Your dentist will meet with you and create a customized tray that will fit perfectly with your teeth. Then, he will give you instructions on how to thoroughly use the bleaching trays. If you do what he suggests, you will finish the process with a radiant smile!

Call our office now to find out which whitening technique is best for you.

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