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How Dental X-Rays Can Be Safe For Kids?
October 07, 2022  |  Pediatric Dentist

How Dental X-Rays Can Be Safe For Kids?

Dental X-rays are an essential tool pediatric dentists use to locate, specify, and analyze issues with your child’s teeth. These x-rays deliver a clear picture of your child’s teeth, bones, and other tissues of the mouth.

Due to the situation of radiation exposure, many parents are concerned about the safety of x-rays for their kids. However, you should know that dental x-rays are safe and necessary if you want your child to get the proper dental treatment.

Why Must a Child Get a Dental X-Ray?

Dental x-rays can diagnose to help our Gilbert pediatric dentist catch issues that are developing otherwise nearly invisible to the naked eye. Children receive dental x-rays so dentists can identify and treat various issues and monitor growth. Using these x-rays, your pediatric dentist can see:

  • Places of decay, including those in between teeth or under a filling

  • Abscesses, an infections at the tooth root or between the tooth or gum

  • Tumors

  • Shifts in the root canal

  • Development of permanent teeth

Without an x-ray, many of these issues could go undiagnosed. With an x-ray as a reference, our pediatric dentist in Gilbert is also sufficiently equipped to appropriately care for your child.

Here are a few more causes that your child might need to get a dental x-ray:

  • To catch problems involved with the spacing of your child’s jaw

  • To view tooth bone issues or any problems with tooth roots

  • To map out your child’s mouth in case of tooth extraction or other complicated dental practices

What Is The Best Age A Child Should Get Oral X-Rays?

Most kids get their first dental x-rays when they are almost 6 or 7 years old or once their adult teeth begin to set in. These dental x-rays are a part of regular dental cleanings and exams to ensure your child’s teeth are developing accurately.  

How are Digital X-Rays Done?

Digital x-rays are done at the beginning of a dental exam and only take a few minutes to finish. We use x-ray sensors and tools for children to make the entire process as effortless as possible for the patients and their parents. After the pictures are taken, they are then uploaded so our dentist can use and show them during the appointment to show any irregular areas or areas of concern. If everything looks normal, then the appointment will flow as normal. These images can help to analyze and treat issues and problems early and control them from ever happening. We can help answer any question you may have regarding your child’s dental x-rays; you can visit our dental office in Gilbert. 

Radiation Exposure a Concerning Factor

The amount of radiation exposure that your child obtains during a dental x-ray is minimal. Most dental offices generally provide a lead apron for your child to wear during the x-ray to shield their body from radiation. So, you don’t have to worry about radiation exposure during a dental x-ray.

Safety Precautions with Dental X-Rays

There are many things that our Gilbert pediatric dentist can do to minimize the radiation from x-rays. Taking a single image rather than multiple decreases vulnerability significantly. You can also speak to a pediatric dentist in Gilbert about using the lower radiation setting for your kids. Leaded coverings can cover certain parts of your body from radiation.

Best Pediatric Dentist In Gilbert For Your Kid

Regular checkups, dental cleanings, and oral exams are excellent ways to ensure your child grows up with healthy and good-looking teeth. Therefore using dental x-rays becomes necessary for determining the cause of your oral health issue. To schedule an appointment, call us today or visit our dental office in Gilbert!