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Our friendly dentist, Dr. Naman B. Patel, offers advanced, comprehensive dental care to take care of you and your family in a relaxed, calming atmosphere. We use the latest technology, including digital x-rays, to provide you with the most convenient and efficient dental treatments. With our wide-ranging services in restorative, periodontal, pediatric, and cosmetic dentistry, we rarely have to refer patients out of our office. We work hard to provide excellent dental care in Gilbert and the surrounding areas of Tempe and Mesa, Arizona, and we are thrilled to help you begin the journey to your perfect smile! We love the art of dentistry, and we are excited to bring your smile to life.

We understand that our patients come from different financial circumstances, and we make it a priority to keep our services affordable. With competitive rates, we hope to encourage our patients to receive the quality dental treatment they need from Island Dental. Please take a few minutes to browse the pages of our website and get to know us a little bit better. We also invite you to give our office a call if you have any questions about our office or our services. We hope to see you soon!

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