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Gilbertarizonadental   •   June 2, 2015

FAQ About Dentures

What are dentures? Dentures are removable artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth. What types of dentures are there? If all of your teeth are missing, there are two types of dentures you can use: conventional or immediate. Conventional dentures can’t be worn until the jaw bone and gums heal after tooth extraction. Immediate dentures […]

Gilbertarizonadental   •   May 14, 2015

Are you brushing your teeth correctly?

Brushing teeth seems to be second nature to most that were taught of its importance from a young age. For some, it has become something they are so comfortable doing that they have forgotten proper technique. Here are some tips that will help you re-evaluate your tooth-brushing habits Choose the Right Tool – How do […]

Gilbertarizonadental   •   May 7, 2015

Why is My Tooth Loose and What Can I Do About It?

Having a loose tooth as a kid is great, but as an adult, it’s not. Chances are you won’t get a quarter from the tooth fairy for it. You don’t know why you have a loose tooth and what to do about it. No worries though, the answers are here. Reasons for a Loose Tooth […]

Gilbertarizonadental   •   April 27, 2015

How to Know When to See Your Dentist

Island Dental has a very friendly and professional staff, but let’s be honest: A dental office simply isn’t as much fun as an amusement park. Indeed, no one considers a dental office to be “the happiest place on Earth.” Patients who avoid dentists are specifically trying to escape the (perceived) pain and expenses associated with […]

Gilbertarizonadental   •   April 16, 2015

Do Our Teeth Suffer Anxiety Over Flying?

Of course not. Our teeth do not suffer anxiety over flying on airlines. But you may have had a tooth begin hurting while you were on an airplane. Why does this happen? An infected tooth has bacteria in the root that produce a by-product of gas. This trapped gas will expand in the root with […]