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Facts about braces that might have your ears pricked up!
March 04, 2019  |  Cosmetic Dentistry

Facts about braces that might have your ears pricked up!

For most of you out there, dental brace are simple a teeth-alignment correcting device that you have seen dentists applying on their patients. And since your childhood days you have clung to this notion!

Now, one fine morning the need for dental braces knocks your door and either you or anyone from your family needs to get his/her teeth braced. So, while you are googling through the different types of braces or its pros and cons, it might interest you to get to know certain interesting facts about braces here in this post.

Braces are not for correcting your teeth’s alignment only

Correcting the shape and outlay of your teeth’s is not the only functionality of dental braces. There is a lot more to be added to its virtues, some of the important ones being:

  • Corrects stammering ills. Kids with speaking issues are often recommended braces by their doctors.

  • Solves breathing troubles.

  • Resolves difficulties in chewing and swallowing even!

Wearing them might be painful

Although medically recommended for treatment or corrective purposes, initially getting into the habit of putting up braces inside your mouth can sometimes prove to be really painful! Although the trouble might last only until a few weeks since you start wearing the device, yet, a lot of patience is required on your part to bear up with the pain. The issues that generally surface are:

  • Initial soreness and aches that your gums might face (especially on the inner part)!

  • Chewing and speaking might seem challenging at first.

However, all you need to do is keep the end goal in mind. A simple solution for starters is - rinse your mouth with salt water - it keeps both the pain and bacteria at bay!

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Braces are for all ages

Some people simply stay under the impression that dental braces are for teenagers or kids even below that age. They prefer to cling to this idea actually because kids are less bothered about their outer appearance than the adults. Moreover, many consider that, wearing dental braces at an older age will not yield effective results as much as putting them on a tender age does!

On the other side of the coin may parents are not aware of how early to start with braces.According to the American Dental Association, a child can go for orthodontic corrections using these particular devices as early as the age of 7! in fact, some malocclusions can be best treated if started early. Very soon these candidates are freed of braces and have a properly aligned teeth.

Braces are almost 300 years old!

The father of modern dentistry, Pierre Fauchard, invented the first set of braces, as early as 1728. it was simply a flat piece of metal tied to the wearer’s teeth by a thread. About 200 years later Edward Angle contributed to these devices by inventing brackets made of 14 or 18 karat gold.

NASA invention aided in development of modern braces!

In 1959, NASA invented nickel titanium - a heat resistant metal alloy for their space shuttles. Orthodontists across the globe, grabbed this opportunity to create those thin flexible wires that could be well fitted to your set of teeth after being heated and bent.

So, now you are acquainted with certain facts about dental braces. Once you get to bust some myths regarding the same, the virtue of this device will seemingly double itself, and the next time you come across a friend of yours with misaligned teeth, you will certainly recommend braces to him!

  • Play any sport freely while you are wearing your braces.

  • Musical instruments like mouth organs or a flute can be harped upon with ease.

  • No bars to cross metal detectors. Braces are kept out of their purview totally.

  • They are non magnetic too.

Hopefully, for all among you who were planning to go for a corrective dental procedure to do away with the malocclussions, Braces will seem to be a choiceable option. To further solve your queries about this device, Dr. Naman Patel, your dentist at Gilbert, Arizona is readily available along with his team at their Island Dental Dentistry. You can get in touch with us now or browse through our ‘services’ to arrive upon the right decision.