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How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth?
December 20, 2021  |  Dental care, General Dentistry

How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Many of us have heard that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day, for at least two minutes each time. Many of us overestimate the amount of time we spend brushing our teeth, by as much as a minute in some circumstances. Even still, some evidence suggests that brushing your teeth for two minutes is insufficient.

According to the study, the more plaque removed, the better — with the best outcomes occurring after three to four minutes. Does this imply that we should brush twice as long? Well, this is a very common question that we get asked at Island Dental Family And Cosmetic Dentistry. Keeping this in mind, the best Gilbert dentists have come up with a detailed discussion on this topic. 

In the 1970s, dentists began recommending that we clean our teeth for two minutes and use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Today's agreement, on the other hand, is mostly based on studies published during the 1990s that examined brushing times, procedures, and toothbrush type. Two minutes of brushing resulted in good (but not great) plaque removal in these studies. While brushing for longer than two minutes has been demonstrated to remove more plaque, there is still a dearth of study on whether brushing for longer than two minutes is associated with better long-term dental health than brushing for two minutes.

However, given what we know about the dangers of plaque buildup, removing more of it each time we brush is likely to lead to improved dental health. It's also worth noting that the lack of data is due to the difficulty of conducting long-term studies.

Brushing our teeth has the primary goal of eliminating germs (also known as dental plaque) from tooth surfaces. This plaque is a microbial biofilm, which is a community of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live together. Biofilms are extremely sticky, and brushing is the only way to get rid of them. Rough patches on the tooth's surface (such as from some fillings), being unable to reach certain areas with a toothbrush (such as the crevices between teeth) and having braces are all factors that make it easier for these microorganisms to proliferate. Plaque biofilms re-grow on our teeth within hours of brushing, which is why brushing twice a day is recommended.

We hope that you know how long to continue brushing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our dentists if you want to know the more effective tips to get a healthy smile

Know The Correct Technique Of Brushing

We have provided the correct technique of brushing in the pointers below.

  • Brush your gums at a 45-degree angle with your toothbrush.

  • Brush with small strokes that are around the width of a single tooth.

  • Brush the outside surfaces of your teeth with your toothbrush, providing mild pressure as you brush.

  • Brush your teeth in a back-and-forth motion along the chewing surfaces.

  • Hold your toothbrush vertically and brush up and down along the insides of your teeth to effectively brush the inside surfaces of your teeth.

  • Brush your tongue with a few back-to-front strokes to get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath.

  • After each usage, rinse your toothbrush.

  • Keep your toothbrush upright when not in use. If you keep your toothbrushes in the same spot as your spouse, roommate, or family members, make sure they are not in contact. Instead of storing your toothbrush in a closed toothbrush holder, let it air dry.

Apart from brushing and flossing, you should also go for a professional dental checkup once in a while. 

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