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Do you wish to restore a tooth’s shape, size, and strength? If so, Dr. Naman B. Patel is pleased to offer dental crowns at Island Dental.

Dental fillings at Island Dental can be made with a number of different substances, and some of the materials used are silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, composite resin, and plastic. We use these substances to fill your teeth and give them the strength they need to heal and come back stronger than ever.

A dental crown in Gilbert, Arizona, is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire visible portion of your tooth to improve its appearance and disguise the imperfections that distract from your smile. It has the ability to:

  • Repair a broken tooth
  • Restore a tooth that is worn down
  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Support a tooth with a large filling
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Disguise a severely discolored tooth
  • Cover a misshaped tooth
  • Make a cosmetic modification

To place a dental crown, your dentist will first examine your tooth and prepare it for the crown, which will involve him shaving the surfaces of the tooth. Then, he will make impressions of your tooth and will send them to a dental lab where your crown will be made for you. Between your first and second visits, your dentist will give you a temporary crown, which will give you the proper support and functionality you need until your crown has been created. Once your crown is ready, your dentist will check and adjust the product to your bite and smile, making any necessary adjustments. When he finds the perfect fit, the crown will be permanently cemented into place.

To improve the appearance of your tooth, call our office now and set up an appointment!

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