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Our team at Island Dental cares for you and your oral health—including the health and condition of your gums.

Dr. Naman B. Patel takes periodontal disease very seriously, and he is prepared to provide periodontal care in Gilbert, Arizona, to anyone who needs it. We highly recommend coming into our office every six months to meet with your dentist. By doing so, the health of your gums will be checked and the risks associated with gum disease and periodontal disease will be eliminated.

Gum disease and periodontal disease are noticeable when your gums begin to recede, which is when your gums move away from your teeth, making your teeth look longer than natural. This happens when the plaque on your teeth continue to grow and destroy your mouth. As time passes by, the plaque turns into tartar and it releases toxins into your mouth that harm the gums, underlying bone, and teeth. Eventually, the teeth will become loose and fall out of your mouth. In order to prevent these conditions, the plaque on your teeth needs to be removed at an early stage of development, which is only possible with a professional dental cleaning.

To schedule your next dental checkup to prevent harmful diseases, call our office now. We are happy to help you!

Perio Protect:

We also offer Perio Protect to patients who would rather like to treat their gum disease at home over a given time period. Perio Protect comes with a custom tray to fit in the mouth, which lets the healing gel to seep below the gumline. It is minimally invasive and is often the best choice for patients whose gum diseases have not advanced to severe levels. So, if you wish for a non-surgical procedure to treat your gum disease, reach out to us to get your dental consultation!

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