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Signs To Identify That You Have Cracks In Your Dental Fillings
May 09, 2022  |  Dental Filling

Signs To Identify That You Have Cracks In Your Dental Fillings

A dental filling can deteriorate over time. Continue reading to learn about the warning indications of a broken dental filling. If you see a dentist as soon as you notice the problem, the damaged filling will only be a minor annoyance.

Fillings have a lengthy life expectancy, with some filling materials capable of lasting a lifetime. Although composite resin is more common than gold or silver amalgam, it is less long-lasting. Under the right conditions, this form of filling can give more than a decade of reliable service.

Fillings can become loose, fall out, or break in the following circumstances:

  • Tooth deterioration in the tooth where the filling is placed

  • A fracture or break in the tooth that has a dental filling

  • Immense trauma or blow to the mouth

  • Having the bad habit of biting down on hard items like bottle caps or ice chips

A filling can fracture, break off, or come loose in various ways. The filling will show symptoms of wear and tear, which will generally cause some discomfort. In this blog, we will provide you with the significant signs of a cracked dental filling. 

What Are The Signs Of Having A Crack In Your Dental Filling?

An inner tooth is protected by a dental filling against pressure, heat, cold, acid, food debris, and bacteria. Fillings act as physical barriers between the inner teeth and the mouth's environment in numerous ways. When a filling falls out, the physical barrier between the tooth and the mouth is breached, exposing the vulnerable region of the tooth to the mouth's unfriendly environment. The following symptoms may then appear:

  • Food particles and other substances can flow through the mouth and into the inner tooth through the cracked dental filling. This can cause tooth sensitivity for a brief period. By eliminating the irritation from the inner tooth, rinsing the tooth may bring relief.

  • A person can sometimes sense and hear the precise instant their filling fractures. They may listen to a noise and then feel a hard item lodged in their inner tooth.

  • When a filling cracks, the tooth becomes more sensitive to pressure, causing discomfort or agony. Whenever the person quits placing pressure on the problematic tooth, the intense pain goes away.

  • A cracked filling can be detected by touch when the tooth experiences an injury, such as a scrape from the sharp edge of the shattered filling.

FAQs On Dental Fillings

Let's take a look at some often asked questions concerning dental fillings.

  • Is mercury used in dental fillings?

Silver amalgam fillings are made up of a mix of metals, including mercury, which accounts for around half of the filling's composition. Even though mercury is known to be poisonous, the FDA considers silver amalgam fillings to be safe for people over the age of six. These are the most common and long-lasting types of dental fillings.

Mercury is no longer used in dental fillings like composite resin. Composite fillings can also be color-matched to a person's natural tooth color, making them the most aesthetically acceptable option. Composite fillings have been the most popular type of filling in recent years, which is predictable.

  • Can cracked dental fillings lead to bad breath?

Yes. Fillings do not cause foul breath on their own, but a damaged filling allows bacteria and debris to enter the tooth. The decay results might cause bad breath due to volatile sulfur fumes produced by bacteria inside the tooth. If the tooth becomes infected, the odor usually gets much worse.

  • How long do dental fillings last?

No, depending on the type of filling used, dental fillings can last up to 10 years. But, they are not intended to be a permanent remedy for lost teeth. Bite forces eventually wear a filling out until it can no longer protect the tooth from irritants in the mouth.

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