8 strategies to get that healthy smile
May 25, 2021  |  Dental care

8 strategies to get that healthy smile


We all want to flash our beautiful and healthy smiles with utmost confidence wherever we go. It is the first thing that people notice about our appearances and it draws the most amount of attention. Our dentists at Island Dental have devised a list of tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect smile. However, remember that it is not something you will achieve in a day. Incorporate these tips into your routine and follow them diligently. Enjoy a pretty smile and feel great from within.

A good Dental Care Routine

It is imperative to follow a good oral care routine regularly. No tips can replace your routine. Firstly, you must brush regularly twice a day. This is one of the steps in keeping your teeth clean. Be gentle with your brushing and do not forget to brush your tongue as well. Your tongue can accumulate dirt and over time cause many oral health complications. Replace your toothbrush whenever the bristles are frayed and avoid using a brush with hard bristles. You must not skip flossing if you want to get rid of plaque buildup in your teeth. Additionally, you can add an antibacterial mouth rinse to take your routine up a notch.

Choose the correct toothbrush

The correct brush can work wonders for your teeth. Always choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles. It will clean your teeth gently and also energize your gums. A hard-bristled toothbrush can be extremely abrasive and cause damage to your mouth. It is essential to rinse your toothbrush in warm water to get rid of the bacterias. Try to change your toothbrush every three months. Electric toothbrushes are also very effective and you should consult the dentist before investing in one. The correct toothbrush can be your secret to a healthier smile.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has extremely adverse impacts on your mouth as well as your body. It greatly reduces your immunity power and exposes you to serious illnesses. Smoking can also stain your teeth leading to their discoloration. Teeth whitening services can fix it, but sometimes it gets so permanently fused to your enamel that even polishing does not work. Smoking can also cause a great degeneration in the condition of your gums and makes it difficult to treat gum diseases. 

Drink Water

Hydrating yourself is the key to a healthy body and mind. You must drink an adequate amount of water regularly to flush off toxins from your body. Water flushes your teeth too, thereby reducing the chances of tooth decay. Ditch your sugary and carbonated drinks. Beverages with high sugar can erode the enamel of your teeth and weaken them further. A weakened tooth could be one of the leading reasons for you to undergo tooth extraction. Drink water and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth.

Reduce Tea, Coffee, and Red wine Consumption

Highly caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee can lead to teeth discoloration. Similarly, red wine can stain your teeth to a great extent. Want a healthy white smile? Well, you need to cut them out from your diet. Oftentimes, they can cause internal staining which makes it hard to polish your teeth during professional teeth whitening services.

Healthy Diet

It is imperative to follow a healthy diet in order to achieve a beautiful smile. Consume food rich in protein and calcium. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your smile. Cut off fruits with high acidities such as oranges and pineapples as they can greatly weaken your teeth. Reduce your consumption of carbonated drinks if you want a strong teeth structure. Consume fish, yogurt, green vegetables, and other dairy products to protect your teeth throughout your life.

Along with these tips, do not skip your dentist appointments. They are extremely important and will help you prevent dental complications in your life. Looking for a dentist in Gilbert, AZ?  Visit us and enjoy our general dentistry services provided by the best dentist in Gilbert, AZ.