Dentist’s Guide To Quicker Recovery From Tooth Extraction
August 12, 2021  |  Tooth Extraction

Dentist’s Guide To Quicker Recovery From Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions may be required for a variety of reasons. You might have been injured in an accident or could be dealing with oral health problems. Tooth Extractions are also recommended by your Gilbert dentist in cases of misalignment and overcrowding of the teeth. Our dentists at Island Dental have come up with several tips that can quicken your recovery after the tooth extraction procedure. Keep reading them for a quick and effective period of recovery.

Dentist’s Guide To Quicker Recovery From Tooth Extraction

There are several things you need to know about tooth extraction. Recovery after your extraction procedure could take a couple of days. Following these tips from your favorite dentist in Gilbert could ensure a smooth and effective recovery.

Get Adequate Rest

You must ensure that you get proper rest after your extraction surgery. It is best to keep your head in an elevated position. This will ensure a faster recovery. You must also avoid any strenuous physical activities for the next 72 hours. You must also be careful while getting up from the bed. Get up slowly to avoid any dizzy feeling and discomfort.

Opt For Painkillers

You can consult your Gilbert dentist and choose pain relievers to minimize the pain. However, if the pain does not come under control then you should get it checked right away.


It is normal to experience minor bleeding after your tooth extraction. If you notice red spots in your saliva, don't be alarmed. However, if your bleeding persists after 24 hours, it is cause for concern. To stop the bleeding, apply steady pressure with a gauze or a teabag. If the bleeding continues, you should contact your dentist in Gilbert.

Control Inflammation

Apply an icepack to reduce swelling.  For ten minutes, gently press the pack against your cheek near the site of extraction. After that, you can keep it away for the next couple of minutes. Repeat this procedure until the swelling subsides. You can also apply moist heat but only for 24 hours after the surgery. However, if you are experiencing severe swelling, fever, and pain, you should seek medical attention.

Diet After Extraction

After your surgery, you should eat soft foods. Hard food items can cause injury to the extraction site. For the first few days, avoid extremely hot, spicy, or cold foods. Try to eat healthy food and a well-balanced diet. You can also discuss with your dental care professional if you want more information related to tooth extraction.

Things To Avoid.

  • Avoid smoking after your tooth extraction. This could prevent clotting and lead to the formation of a dry socket

  • You should also avoid hot liquids to avoid any injury.

  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages after your extraction procedure. This could slow down the healing process and cause severe harm.

We hope this blog has provided you with all the information about tooth extraction. Looking for the best tooth extraction procedure in Gilbert, AZ? Get in touch with us at Island Dental and enjoy our dental care services today!