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8 Secret Technics For A New Smile With The Help Of Dental Implants
May 02, 2019  |  Dental Implant

8 Secret Technics For A New Smile With The Help Of Dental Implants

Individuals with a missing tooth know the pain of living with it. A lost tooth results in lost confidence because it adversely affects the smile, the personality and the overall social interaction of an individual. Imagine when you need to greet a friend of yours who is coming to your place in the weekend and you are anxious about your smile! It would be really embarrassing if the person you are smiling at, looks at you weirdly and you know the reason behind that!

Here, dental implants could come to your rescue in the most effective manner. So far, in the dental fraternity, Implants have been considered to be the best tooth restoration alternative. This is because it renders a more or less permanent solution to the problem of missing tooth. Unless implants get damaged for any significant reason, they would serve the purpose of a normal tooth for more than two decades almost!

The process of placing dental implants:

The process of placing affordable dental implants would rightly explain the reason behind their impressive longevity. The step by step process include:

1. Tooth Extraction: When a particular tooth is badly damaged, may be due to an accident or some bacterial decay and it cannot be retained back, the tooth is removed or extracted. The bone mass in the area surrounding the socket however needs to be kept intact.

2. Grafting the socket: After the tooth is extracted, the site is normally cleared off using a fine surgical curette. After cleaning off, the walls of this hollow are also often scrapped to initiate some amount of bleeding! The socket is then filled with some grafting material and all of this is allowed to heal.

3. Placing your implants: Holes are surgically drilled into the jawbone and the implants are posted there. There are two implants embedded on either side of the empty site. They actually act like your natural tooth roots!

4. Placing the abutment: An abutment serves the purpose of a base upon which the artificial tooth (crown) is to be finally placed. Abutments just past the gum line such that they are slightly visible when you open your mouth. They are kept attached to the implants. The artificial tooth, which comes custom-made (matched with the shape and color of your original teeth), is ultimately placed atop the abutment.

5. Choosing your artificial tooth: The implant procedure is not complete until the artificial tooth is placed. The choice of the artificial tooth rests upon the patient itself. One may go for a fixed or a removable tooth. If you choose to have your tooth removed while cleaning in the morning or at bedtime, you might go for the removable ones. Otherwise, the fixed ones come hassle-free!

If a full set of implants seem to be costly to you, here are some points to prove that they are indeed cost-effective! Here’s why dental implants should be your ultimate choice, if you want to get rid of that missing tooth:

1. Long lasting nature: While other restorative methods could hardly last for a decade or more, dental implants last for a minimum of 20 to 25 years, except for any accidental occurrence.

2. Preservation of the Jawbone: implants stimulate the growth of bone mass in your jaws! When you have a missing tooth for a long time, your jawbones become weak. When implants are posted deep within your jaws gives your jawbones greater strength.

3. Permanent and fixed by nature: Implants are fixed. So, unlike dentures, they do not bear the risk of falling out. Also they are not required to be removed for cleaning and hygiene purposes or even at night.

Dental implants, by virtue of their ability to restore an individual’s natural smile, teeth settings, normal speaking, eating and chewing has become the most popular method among cosmetic dentistry services.

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