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To some, using lasers for dental work may seem like science-fiction, but seeing lasers in your dentist’s office is becoming more widespread every day. Lasers emit a strong beam of light to cut through bone and tissue. Here are a few of the ways lasers are used in dentistry and some of their benefits.

How Lasers Are Used In Dentistry

  • Activate the peroxide bleaching solution in a teeth whitening procedure
  • Remove cavity decay and prepare the surrounding enamel for a filling
  • Reduce the amount of bacteria on teeth and reshape the gums for periodontal treatment
  • Cut through tissue in oral surgery
  • Disinfect the grooves in teeth before dental sealant application
  • Remove lesions and oral tissues for biopsy
  • Lengthen crowns by reshaping gum and bone tissue to expose healthy tooth structure
  • Seal tubes in teeth roots that cause sensitivity
  • Harden dental fillings and dental cement (which is used in cosmetic procedures)

The Benefits Of Lasers In Dentistry

  • Reduce bleeding and swelling because blood vessels clot immediately
  • Make some treatments painless, reducing the need for anesthetics
  • Reduce damage to tissue and help incisions heal more quickly
  • Have more precision in dental procedures
  • Sterilize bacteria so the risk for infection reduces