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How Long Does It Take To Whiten Teeth?
June 08, 2022  |  Teeth Whitening

How Long Does It Take To Whiten Teeth?

Most people consider teeth whitening but want to understand what is involved and whether it is a complex procedure. And also want to know how long it takes to whiten teeth.

Time taken to whiten teeth depends on the state of your teeth, the reason behind the teeth' discoloration, and the type of treatment the patient wants. There is a wide range of dental procedures for teeth whitening. So many people use over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. Still, these aren't as secure and useful as in-office teeth whitening in Gilbert at our dental office.

How Can You Whiten Your Teeth? 

You can whiten your teeth in many different ways. Typically, people try to whiten their teeth by:

  • Cleaning Stained Enamel. Enamel is the essential part of your teeth. Doing this can be damaging over the long term and drive tooth sensitivity.

  • Coloring or Bleaching Teeth. It removes the discoloration of teeth but can also lead to some side effects later.

  • Harshly Brushing & Flossing. If you do that, it will slowly wear down discolored enamel, which is later replaced with healthy, white enamel.

Although brushing twice a day can produce better results over the long term, it is necessary to pay attention to the technique you use for brushing your teeth. When people determine they want a whiter smile without having to not pay much attention to the brushing & daily oral hygiene, there are two choices to pick between. Whether to bleach your teeth or not.

In-Office Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is by far the most helpful form of teeth whitening. Instead of using other whitening procedures numerous times for a few weeks to see better outcomes, you'll notice dramatic results after one in-office teeth whitening treatment. Dentists use a highly concentrated peroxide formula to give you the white shade of your forever wanted teeth. It is the most effective form of teeth whitening.

Why Is Teeth Whitening In Important?

Teeth whitening is a procedure to help you gain a white smile using some in-office chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solutions. When you have discolored teeth, your smile looks unappealing & unattractive, making you smile less in front of others. Getting professional teeth whitening treatment can make your smile whiter & healthy. While you visit your dentist in Gilbert for teeth whitening, the dentist also conducts an oral examination to check for any growing bacteria or cavities. That way, you get to keep a check on your oral health & can keep your mouth free of bacteria.

Teeth Whitening In Gilbert:

If you are tired of your discolored teeth & want to have a smile that lightens up everyone's day & looks beautiful, you must contact us.

Teeth whitening has proven to be the most effective procedure that can take about 50-50 minutes in the dental chairs to provide a white smile. Schedule your appointment now! At Island Dental, we have a team of professional dentists to help you give the correct procedure you deserve to gain what you desire.