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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Dental Implant
October 02, 2018  |  Dental Implant

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Dental Implant

These days, dental disorders are quite common. According to a recent report published by the American Dental Association, every six people out of ten, above the age of forty, suffer from severe dental disorders. This means that the percentage of people affected with dental problems in the United States is a staggering 60%.

Tooth decay and gum infection are the most common types of gum disorders. While it is always good to preserve the natural tooth, tooth extraction sometimes becomes necessary. If you are one among those miserable souls who have lost one or more than one tooth due to regular oral problems, then dental implants can definitely help you out! In this blog, we have represented the top 4 reasons why you should wear a dental implant.

1. You Don’t Like Visiting A Dentist Regularly

Visiting a dentist every 3 months due to a missing tooth is not an easy thing to do. It is irritating, as well as, frustrating. But if you use dental implants, all these problems will be solved. Dental implants remain permanently attached to your jaw by means of an artificial root. The best thing about dental implants is, it behaves just like a natural tooth and is a permanent solution. Also, you will not have to visit a dentist at regular intervals. You will just have to go for occasional cleanings.

2. You Don’t Like Wearing Dentures And Bridges

If you feel annoyed to wear dentures and bridges, then dental implants are there to rescue you! The most irritating thing about dentures and bridges is that they allow the food particles to settle down between the teeth and gum tissue. This increases the chance of periodontal disease and gum infection. A dental implant, on the other hand, seamlessly fits into your jawbone like any other natural tooth, thereby preventing food particles to seep through the gap. Dentists say it is one of the core benefits of dental implants.

3. You Want A Permanent Solution

According to the dentists, dentures are never a permanent solution to your tooth loss. Even if proper care is taken, it cannot last more than 10-15 years. Dental implants, on the other hand, can last even thirty years without proper care, maintenance, and cleaning. Thus, it can easily be said that dental implants are a permanent solution to your tooth loss.

4. You Want Your Restored Teeth To Look Natural And Healthy

The design of dentures and bridges often look old. Patients often say that they face problems in adjusting to the feel of these kinds of prosthetics. If you feel the same, then think no more! The smart and sleek design looks same as that of a natural tooth. The functionality is also identical. You will never feel any problem while eating, drinking, driving, and speaking.

Therefore, if you are a resident of Gilbert and missing one or more than one tooth, then you can definitely visit Island Dental. Our dentists would treat this situation with great care by providing you with quality and affordable dental implants.

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