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A Secret in Oral Health Success: Cosmetic Dentistry
December 07, 2017  |  Gilbertarizonadental

A Secret in Oral Health Success: Cosmetic Dentistry

There is a unique, specialized branch of dentistry known as cosmetic dentistry, which can take even severely damaged teeth and turn them into an oral health, movie-star masterpiece. Whether you are looking for tooth restorations or replacements, cosmetic dentistry has treatments designed to enhance the function of your teeth.

Dental veneers cover the fronts of teeth with customizable restorations that can cosmetically enhance your smile. They are thin shells that can cover the tooth you are wanting to improve.

Dental crowns cover your teeth on all sides with customizable restorations that can protect your natural teeth on all sides from tooth decay.

Dental bonding treatments apply porcelain and resin materials to the surfaces of teeth to cosmetically enhance your smile.

Teeth whitening treatments are used to eradicate deep stains and discolorations on teeth in order to whiten them and improve the look of your smile.

Dentures are tooth prosthetics that are removable and capable of being customized to complete your smile’s missing teeth. These are popular if you have multiple teeth missing.

If you have a strong jaw bone, it may be possible for dental implants to be inserted into your mouth where your missing teeth once lingered. They can be used to complete your smile and give your oral health a much-needed aesthetic boost. As you may understand, there are many options when it comes to improving your smile.

Imagine yourself with a better smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you would like to consult with a dentist in Gilbert, Arizona, you are welcome to contact Dr. Naman B. Patel and our team about cosmetic dentistry treatments. To schedule an appointment at our dentist office of Island Dental, please call our spectacular team at 480-725-3031, and we will help you as best we can. We want to wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!