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Are There Games and Resources that Can Teach My Child About Their Smile?
August 28, 2017  |  Gilbertarizonadental

Are There Games and Resources that Can Teach My Child About Their Smile?

Because of the technology in the world today, children can learn about their smiles and oral health. This can help them have strong and healthy teeth and gums now and in the future. Our dentist, Dr. Naman B. Patel, encourages you to help your child learn about their smile by letting them use the many resources available.

The first resource is Colgate. Colgate has many games and activities that can teach your child about the teeth, gums, and smile. Some of those games and activities include puzzles, a printable brush chart that will allow your child to show off each time they brush, and online pinball games.

The second resource is Crest. Crest also contributes to the learning pool by adding their “Crest Eggsperiment” into the mix. This activity shows your child the effects drinks can have on the teeth. It involves using the hard-boiled egg and exposing it to soda, lemonade, and other drinks. When the egg is separated from the drinks, it shows the way the drinks affect the chompers.

The third resource is the American Dental Association. The ADA also offers many things that can help your child learn about their smile and oral health. Some of those items include videos on how to brush (it features fun characters like Elmo), games that involve a fun trip to the dental office, and an online quiz game that asks your child questions about their teeth.

To learn more about pediatric dentistry resources in Gilbert, Arizona, please remember that our dental team at Island Dental is always here to help you. All you need to do is dial 480-725-3031 and we will be happy to give you the information you seek so you can know more.