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Denture Adhesive Can Help Secure Removable Dental Appliances
May 31, 2017  |  Gilbertarizonadental

Denture Adhesive Can Help Secure Removable Dental Appliances

Here at Island Dental’s dental offices in Gilbert, Arizona, we custom-craft removable dental appliances like dentures and partials to fit snugly with the underlying oral structure. This might also include a partial with anchoring wires that correspond to the adjacent teeth.

While these dental appliances are meant to hold firm through the daily rigors of grinding and chewing, you might still find some benefit to applying a little denture adhesive. Not only will this help lock the unit in place, it will also create a temporary seal to prevent irritation from food particles that invade the base near the gums.

On the off chances that a little, stray food material works its way in, you should completely rinse the base of the partial clean of any residual adhesive and lightly dry the base with a paper towel. You can then apply fresh adhesive. A completely clean surface will give you a much better hold because there won’t be any residual material interfering with the bond between the base of the dentures and your gums.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to take the dentures or partial out and clean them thoroughly. After a complete rinse and light brushing with non-abrasive toothpaste, you should store the appliance in water or the provided case.

Before purchasing a particular brand of denture adhesive, you want to look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal means that the ADA has subjected the product to significant research and testing to make sure it meets rigorous guidelines for safe oral use.

If you have concerns about how to clean and maintain your new dental appliance, you can always call 480-725-3031 to speak to a staff member at Island Dental’s Gilbert, Arizona, clinic.