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Tooth Enamel Attrition Needs Timely Treatment
November 30, 2017  |  Gilbertarizonadental

Tooth Enamel Attrition Needs Timely Treatment

At first a minor deviation in the alignment between two or more teeth might seem minor. Yet if it’s left uncorrected the improper relationship in your dentition can cause the excessive wear down of tooth enamel. This condition, which is also known as dental attrition, can lead to more significant dental health complications.

The affected area of tooth enamel could gradually contribute to tooth sensitivity problems and possible dental fractures. At the same time bacterial deposits could start to build up in the area fostering a severe case of tooth decay.

If a dentist like Dr. Naman B. Patel notices problem like this during your dental checkup, he might recommend a preventative treatment. This might include administering a fluoride treatment, or a dental contouring treatment to edit the surface of a tooth.

In a case where the structural integrity of the tooth has been modestly compromised he might be able to treat the tooth by applying an amalgam or composite dental filling. A more significant case of dental attrition might require him to replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown. This is even more likely to be the case if an active cavity has developed on the tooth.

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