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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?
February 18, 2022  |  Cosmetic Dentistry

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

People who desire to have an appealing and stunning smile frequently remain confused about how to do it. Aside from symmetry and dental health, the brightness of the teeth is seen to be the most important aspect of a beautiful smile. People nowadays often seek professional teeth whitening to achieve sparkling white teeth. Do you want to take advantage of a teeth whitening session at a nearby dental office? If the answer is yes, you'll need to learn more about the procedure and how much it will cost you. Here at Island Dental - Dentist Gilbert, AZ we come across such inquiries on a regular basis. We've posted this blog to clear up any confusion and answer any questions you might have about the cost of teeth whitening.

To begin, you should be clear that the cost of teeth whitening is directly proportional to whether you perform it at home or have it done at a dental office.

With the use of whitening strips, you may whiten your teeth at home. This is thought to be the most cost-effective approach to doing the task. However, it goes without mentioning that whitening strips are ineffective when compared to visiting a reputable dental office for a tooth whitening treatment. The price of a box of these whitening strips ranges from $20 to $40. These boxes usually contain a large number of strips, enough to treat your teeth for around a week. Another option is to use over-the-counter whitening trays, which you fill with a whitening solution and lay over your teeth. You can go for this option by spending $100 or more. Other home tooth whitening procedures are covered in the following pointers:

  • Applying baking soda to your teeth

  • Utilizing the process of oil pulling

  • Including more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet

  • Using hydrogen peroxide

It should be mentioned that the above-mentioned domestic procedures are time-consuming, but can yield a successful result.

What Is The Cost Of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Let's talk about how much it will cost you to have the stains on your teeth removed at a dental office. This is to reassure you and bring your attention to the fact that teeth whitening is a safe and secure procedure when performed under the supervision of a dentist. Moreover, professional teeth whitening offers numerous benefits. The average cost of carrying out such a procedure is $650, but it might cost as much as $1000. The cost varies based on how much the dentist charges and what products are utilized. Simply contact a facility that provides professional teeth whitening procedures. The dentist will then explain the steps involved in tooth whitening to you. This will put an end to any confusion and give you the ability to overcome fear. Just so you know, the store-bought whitening strips contain 10% hydrogen peroxide. The ones used by bleaching agents, on the other hand, might include anything from 25 to 40% hydrogen peroxide.

When it comes to a thorough knowledge of the cost of teeth whitening, you need also think about the cost of maintaining your teeth. You should be aware that none of the tooth whitening procedures are permanent. As a result, it's critical to understand that the length of time that a whitening session's results last is entirely dependent on how you care for your teeth afterward. Avoiding foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, such as chocolates, red wines, and tea, will help you get better outcomes.

We hope that you now have a clear understanding of the cost of teeth whitening treatment. Book an appointment at Island Dental - Dentist Gilbert, AZ if you are looking for top-quality teeth whitening service at an affordable price. Call us today.